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In each one of the 3 degrees of Blue Lodge Masonry the applicant recognizes his duty not to disclose the demeanour and technique employed by Masons to convey understanding of the concealed perplexities of Freemasonry to anyone that isn't entitled to receive them. Through history that "Masonic requirement" has been the source of scathing allegations hurled at the brotherhood that it's a perilous hidden order, or in the choice, that it has heretical systems known only to its members. Those allegations have led to endeavours by non-Masons to marginalize the Craft and attribute devil-worship to its proponents. Supposed holy men and kings have even been inspired to seek down, burn, torture and kill Freemasons. Yet, if the world had known then what's known today - that Freemasonry hides nothing that isn't totally available to almost every man, lady and kid - maybe such ruthlessness wouldn't have happened. In the journey toward discovering the masonic gifts of concealed enigmas valued by Freemasons, one necessarily encounters that magical cult called the Essenes. Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, although much of that info hasn't yet been made freely available, lots of material about this cult is already in the general public domain. As an example, we now understand the Essenes were of the eclectic cult of thinkers and held Plato in the highest esteem. They thought that true philosophy, the best gift of God to occupy, was scattered all though all cults and it was man's duty to assemble it together and present it as the unified word of Almighty God. The scribblings of the Essenes were flavored with mysticism, parables, anomalies and sophisticated allegories. They studied both the esoteric and exoteric meanings of the Holy Scribblings , which they discovered in the Old Testament just as the Gnostics found in the New Testament. Christian writers along with purportedly Jesus himself, recognized that all scripture had an inner meaning together with an outer truth. The passage of scripture taken from the text of Luke at the head of this tract makes it extravagantly clear the public teachings traced to Jesus were different from the non-public teachings he offered to his inner circle of Apostles. Even inside that inner circle, it is reputed that some received a light not otherwise given to other Apostles. That light represents what the world now alludes to as the concealed enigmas, as it is not unreservedly meted out to those in the outer circle ; people who are left to decode the dominion of the Lord God for themselves from the one or two stories, stories and parables set out in the Holy Scribblings . In some intellectual circles in addition to in certain Masonic literature, it is insinuated that Jesus was rubbed out because he badly revealed the concealed perplexities which he had promised to hide and never show like some car salesman. Under that belief, he wasn't rubbed out merely because he challenged Roman rule, or the non secular dogma taught by the Pharisees. Therefore , the question is often asked : did Jesus practice Freemasonry? The answer is dependent on one's own evaluation of the available hard proof. Jesus did participate in the baptism of Saint John the Baptist, who is regarded by Masons as a patron of the brotherhood. While he regularly questioned the Pharisees and Sadducees, Jesus never once discussed the Essenes, whose doctrines bear an uncanny similarity to Jesus ' teachings alongside to the guidance of Freemasonry. It's also claimed that at the time of his arrest Jesus was then in the procedure of consulting a Masonic degree upon an applicant. "Now a young man followed him and left wearing nothing apart from a linen fabric about his body." Mark 14:50-51. That passage doesn't appear in any of the other 3 accepted gospels and no further reason has been added anywhere in the Holy Scribblings to help us understand exactly what was going on between Jesus and the anonymous young man at this vital point in Jesus ' life. Maybe Freemasons discern a likeness to a facet of Masonic ritual, maybe not. To grasp the nature of the concealed mysteries, it's not necessary the query be answered one way, or the other.